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Marcia Porto is a Visual Arts teacher with 38 years of experience in facilitating the learning of the arts through the creative process and Art History. Her focus is on students from 15 years old to 60+ who are interested in developing personal visual and plastic thinking using artistic techniques as a way to access new content and poetic paths. As well as developing educational work in his studio for over 30 years, he has contributed to university courses in Fashion Design, Interior Design, Architecture, History, Advertising and Journalism.

Forty years ago, I was teaching my first art class never to stop.

I became an artistteacher, like this, without a hyphen: amalgamated teacher body and creative body.

I still get emotional preparing a class that always seems to be the first.

Employment History

1991 – 2020 Self employed studio owner, FARE ARTE - Atelier of Creativity, São Paulo, Brazil. This was very successful and expanded, requiring her to hire 2 other people to support with facilitation. This required a lot of dedication and expertise within the industry. Managing all practical aspects of running a studio as well as other business demands – managing tax returns, managing all finances, and ensuring appropriate insurance.

Experience as an Art Educator

2021 – Present – Voluntary - private Art tutor in Nottingham. Supporting individuals to express themselves through a creative process using, drawing, painting and collage. This supports people to improve their mental wellbeing.

2017 - 2020  Workshops offered for SESC - Servico Social do Comercio, Sao Paulo, Brazil. Drawing and Film Workshop, Watercolour workshop, Creative process workshop and Manual animation workshop.

2016 - 2017  Faculdades Galileu, Botucatu, SP, Brazil. Architecture and Urbanism Course Taught Discipline: History of Art 

2014 - 2015  Artistic Residence, Demetria Neighborhood, Botucatu, SP, Brazil.


2007 – 2013   Course Coordinator Taught Disciplines Undergraduate:

I- Fashion Design, History of Fashion and Clothing History of Fashion and Clothing I and II, History of Art and Design, Fashion Culture and Behavior. Courses Taught Post-graduation: Fashion, Consumption and Subjectivity, Development of Product Portfolios. 
II- Bachelor in Architecture and Urbanism. Taught Disciplines: Drawing of Expression and Visual Methodology I and II, Aesthetics and Art History I and II, Means of Expression in Space - Plastic. 
III- Superior Course of Technology in Interior Design. Taught Disciplines Undergraduate: Design and Visual Methodology I and II, History of Art and Design I and II. Taught Disciplines Post-graduation: Colors and Environmental Perception, Design and Material Culture. 
IV- Degree in History. Taught Disciplines Undergraduate: Art and Heritage I and II. Taught Discipline Post-graduation: Culture and Contemporary Art. 
V- Social Communication - Journalism. Taught Subjects: Aesthetics and Mass Culture I and II. VI- Social Communication - Advertising. Subjects: Aesthetics and Mass Culture I and II. 


2005 Project "Teia do Saber", Uni Salesiano, Araçatuba, SP, Brazil. Taught Discipline: Teaching Methodology in Visual Arts. 


1988 – 1991 Faculty of Philosophy, Sciences and Languages of Penápolis, SP, Brazil Faculty of Arts and Artistic Education, Penápolis, SP, Brazil. Taught Subjects: Drawing, Plastic and Xylography. 

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